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Faith . Family . Foundation


The Treasure Box is founded on the belief that spiritually healthy and whole families are central to God’s plan to bring His Kingdom on earth, and that the key to growing such families is in discovering the treasures of God’s Word and Prayer together as a family.

We believe it’s time for broken-down family altars to be rebuilt, and for new ones to be built where there were none before. To that end, our mission is to inspire, train, and resource parents with all the tools they need to lead their family in seeking God together, so that we will see a generation of God-fearing families rise up who will impact their communities, their nations, and the nations of the world.

Our core beliefs are:
FAITH - Our faith in Christ Jesus is the cornerstone of all we do. He is at the Centre of our lives and our business, and we do not and cannot exist without Him.

FAMILY - God’s heart is for families, and He chooses to use families as a vehicle to bring transformation and blessing to communities and to nations.

FOUNDATION - We need to lay strong spiritual foundations before God can build on our lives; this is done by practicing and modelling the basic spiritual disciplines of Bible-reading, prayer, and holy living.


If you wish to engage our speakers to either conduct workshops, speak, or perform at your organisation's event, do fill in the form below and you'll be contacted for more details via email.

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