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This devotional activity book is a 10-week journey for families to learn about the fruit of the Spirit together via the 4"R" methodology:

Read, Reflect, Respond, and Reinforce

Kids will enjoy the cheerful illustrations and fun activities, while the parents will be equipped to guide their children through the book week by week using the included parents' guide. This book is sure to engage and empower your family as you learn, grow and have fun together!


Packed with activity sheets, stickers, certificate of completion, teaching resources and a parents' guide book.

The Fruit of the Spirit - A Devotional Activity Book for Little Ones

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  • A note to parents


    If you've ever wanted to spend time learning from God's Word and praying together as a family, but didn't know how or where to start - this book is perfect for you. Specially written and designed to help parents kickstart family devotional times, this devotional activity book comes with a comprehensive parents' guide that will offer step-by-step lesson plans on how to lead your family to learn about the Fruit of the Spirit via our unique "4R" methodology.


    Complete with object lessons, suggested answers to questions your kids may ask, and even short prayers you can pray together, the parents' guide makes it easy for you to get into the habit of having family devotions. We understand how daunting it can be to kickstart family devotions, which is why lessons and activites are packaged into bite-sized portions that will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete - and the curriculum is structured such that you will only have to conduct 3 lessons a week.


    We believe that you and your family will have lots of fun exploring the Fruit of the Spirit together using this activity book - but more than that - your family will grow in faith and discover the joys of reading God's Word and praying together.

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