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A 30-Day Devotional For Young Women

Are you disillusioned, bored or restless? Do you want to be fully awakened and alive? In this beautifully illustrated devotional, Kallos explores the wonder of God present in creation, our sexuality, and how to recapture a sense of awe to live a life of purpose! Comes with reflection questions, practical steps, biblical insights and illustrations by Kristen Kiong of KEJJCO. Perfect for personal devotions or small group discussions!


Devotional doesn't come with the rabbit ballerina although it is really cute. :)


Bundle deal available for Made For More and His Glory Our Wonder.

His Glory Our Wonder Devotional

  • About Kallos

    The world needs a voice to young girls who are struggling to live out God's purpose in their lives because they are grappling with issues of identity, faith, and life. Since 2014, Kallos magazine has become that much needed voice, teaching and inspiring young women from 12-25 with a focus on promoting and modelling Godly values.


    Many mothers and daughters have shared how Kallos has impacted their lives in ways we could never have dreamed of. Head over to www.kallos.com.sg to read a sample issue or subscribe for a young woman you know!