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This devotional set comes with:

1) Noah's Ark reusable colouring mat (38cm x 24cm)

2) One set of Java Pen White Board Markers (12 vibrant dry-erase colours)

3) Family devotional lesson plan


Teach the story of Noah’s Ark at your family table with this small, reusable colouring mat. The boat is packed with the smiling faces of animals, arranged two-by-two! Even pairs of little fish and dolphins join in the fun from the water below to create a kid-friendly colouring experience.


Exclusively for The Treasure Box customers, each mat will come with a specially-written family devotional from Serene Wu, a trained educator and mother of 2, that families can use to discuss the story of Noah and the ark.


These devotionals will not only help kids learn about the Bible story, they’ll also come with key learning points and ideas for real-life application, based on our 4 'R' methodology (Read, Reflect, Respond and Reinforce). So kids won’t just be colouring - they’ll be remembering God’s Word and understanding His character each time they use the mat! Even better, kids will be able to share what they have learnt with those around them when they are using the mats outside home and other curious kids (and parents) come by to take a look!


The marker set carefully sourced by #OhMyMats includes 12 vibrant dry-erase colours, so it’s easy to find the perfect colour for your favorite animals. This unique design combines a mix of highly detailed illustrations, open space for doodling, and wide stripes that kids can decorate and fill in however they see fit.


#ohmymats work with all alcohol-based dry erase or whiteboard markers.
Do not use oil-based markers or permanent markers.



Noah and the Ark (Reusable Colouring Mats)