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Guess who’s back? 🥕🥕🐇🐇

Our Serious Rabbit encouragement stickers are back in stock! 🎉 And this time, he’s brought some friends along!

Want to personalise how Serious Rabbit, Abby and Barry look like? Now you can! The sticker set now comes with a colouring sticker sheet that you can colour in any way you like. And once you’re done, simply peel off and proudly display your masterpiece! 😍

Also included in the new sticker set is a letter from Serious Rabbit that unpacks the rabbits’ favourite Bible verses and how they could apply to real life. You’ll also learn more about your favourite character’s personality too! 🤓

The new set of Serious Rabbit encouragement stickers are now available on our website - get one set at $4 and 2 at $7!

Size: A5
Each set Includes:
1) 1 sheet of glossy 9-pierce coloured sticker
2) 1 sheet of wood free 9-piece colouring sticker
3) 1 letter from Serious Rabbit

1 set for $4
2 sets at $7
(This is a better deal and surely makes your postage fees worthwhile. Just key in “iloveseriousrabbit” for the discount!

Serious Rabbit Encouragement Sticker SET