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Written by: Elvin and Esther Foong
Illustrated by: Nathan Foong (7yo) and Phoebe Foong (5yo)

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm
Inside: 36 pages
Special features:
(1) Bilingual (English and Chinese)
(2) Letter Page (for you to write a note to the one you are giving it to!)
(3) Bible references section "For the Bible tells me so"
(4) Glossary "What do these words mean?"

Have you ever wondered why Good Friday is called Good Friday? (It’s not just because it’s a public holiday.) If that question has ever crossed your mind, then you’re holding the right book.

“Why Is Good Friday Good?” explores the Biblical story behind this unique and important Christian celebration. Written by Elvin and Esther Foong, and delightfully illustrated by Nathan (7 years old) and Phoebe Foong (5 years old), this book sets out to remind everyone – young and old – of the great love of a Saviour, and how an otherwise terrible Friday became the best Friday of them all.

【耶稣受难日】为什么被称为“Good Friday”?“Good”是“好”的意思啊! 通过这本由冯家大小编写和设计的书,你就能知道这个特别的日子的由来,并一起追溯一个本来应该是充满悲痛的星期五如何变成 充满爱与救赎的一天。

This second edition of the book features new drawings by Nathan and Phoebe, as well as a Chinese translation by Esther Foong. It also includes 2 new pages of Biblical references and a Glossary of key terms.

Not just for kids, this book is a simple way to introduce the Good News of the Gospel to anyone, young and old. More than just a storybook, our prayer is for “Why Is Good Friday Good?” to be a powerful evangelistic tool in the hands of believers. Use it to share about what Jesus has done for you - anytime, anywhere!

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Why Is Good Friday Good? 耶稣受难日