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This bundle deal includes:

1) 1 x Made for More Devotional (worth $19)

The book consists of a series of heartfelt articles that explores various issues that teenage girls face. Hear from fellow sisters about their struggles. Share their joys, trials and victories in this journey of loving God. Complete with quizzes, reflection points and helps in the back for small group discussion, this book will guide you through the challenges of life. Comes with a Leader’s Guide for 6 fun group discussions!


2) 1 x His Glory Our Wonder Devotional (worth $16)

A 30-Day Devotional For Young Women. This beautifully illustrated devotional explores the wonder of God present in creation, our sexuality, and how to recapture a sense of awe to live a life of purpose! Comes with reflection questions, practical steps, biblical insights and illustrations by Kristen Kiong of KEJJCO. Perfect for personal devotions or small group discussions!


Top it up with a Serious Rabbit Sermon Journal ($6.90) to note down your Christ encounters during church sermons, podcasts or cellgroup lessons!

Young Ladies Devotionals Bundle Deal