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Who are Elvin and Esther?

August 1, 2018


Elvin (@elvinfoong) and Esther (@estherlaoshi) have been married for 10 years, and are Papa and Mama to Nathan (7yo) and Phoebe (5yo).

They believe that every parent's first ministry is to their home - and their first disciples are their own kids. Their vision is for a generation of spiritually healthy families to rise up and display Jesus' love to a lost and broken world.


Esther has had more than a decade of experience in public education, and has held Head of Department and Policy Planning portfolios.  She advocates values-inculcation and character development in children, and has a special heart for disadvantaged kids. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hosting friends, and watching Korean dramas.

Elvin has served as a full-time Children’s Programmes Coordinator in a local church, where he got to impact and encourage families. His dream is to resource, train and inspire parents towards re-building the family altar. Elvin enjoys watching superhero movies, playing video games, and his idea of a dream vacation is to go to a beach resort and do absolutely nothing.

Elvin and Esther started The Treasure Box in response to the burden that God laid on their hearts for Christian families. In particular, they discovered that while most Christian parents wanted to have family devotions, a vast majority of them either did not know how, or did not have access to relevant resources that they could use to disciple their kids.

Drawing on their years of experience in both education and church ministry, their goal is to create (1) useful and relevant resources that families will enjoy using together; (2) a platform for Christian creatives/artists to use and showcase their talents for God’s glory; and (3) an open and safe community where parents can journey together and learn from each other without fear of criticism or judgment.


Elvin and Esther are also seasoned speakers and trainers, conducting workshops for parents, training sessions for children's ministries and running kids programmes. 


As singer-songwriters and musicians, they have also performed covers and their own originals for churches and community events, while sharing about their parenting journey, testimonies and spiritual journey.









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